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Benefits of CPQ software for the Customer Service department

Do the same questions about product information or installation keep coming back? Is this causing your customer service department to lose a lot of time? And does it take your team a long time to find the right spare part, or do you often send the wrong one? CPQ can decrease the workload for the customer service!

Use up-to-date product information

CPQ software uses the most recent product information. Give your customers insight in all data, to avoid receiving questions or complaints about the products after sales. CPQ platforms also give you the opportunity to add manuals, technical sheets, or installation guides per product. This allows you to spend less time on repetitive and unnecessary questions.

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Overview of all online orders and their status

Customer service representatives need clear insight on the orders that have been made on the CPQ platform and their current status. Is customer A asking why the delivery is taking longer than expected? Using CPQ software you can immediately find the order and check if the product has already left the warehouse. This allows you to serve your customers better. Is customer B struggling with the usage of his product? Send him the right manuals or technical sheets from the CPQ platform.

Optionally, with CPQ, you can also allow your customers to get insight in the status of their orders and all related documentation.

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Serve your customers quickly with Hive’s unique spare parts system

Offering spare parts for configurable products is a real challenge. There is often a seemingly infinite number of spare parts available, but only one of them fits the product perfectly. A lot of sparts look alike but have different functionalities. As a customer service representative, it can be very hard to sell the right spare part.

That is why Hive worked on a unique system for spare parts. Find the right part within a few clicks using interactive exploded views, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and an elaborate order history. Hive decreases the workload for your customer service, speeds up your sales process and gives your customers the opportunity to order their own spare parts!

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