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Benefits of CPQ software for the IT department

Is your IT department losing its way in your current tech maze and therefore reluctant to implementing new software systems? Hive CPQ helps your team to build a clear technological environment and doesn’t require maintenance. That’s how our solution even has benefits for the IT department!

Build a clear application structure

For the IT department, adding a CPQ to the existing application architecture can be a blocking factor. A clear tech structure and a smooth integration process is therefore a must!

With Hive CPQ, we prioritize keeping your application structure as clear as possible. Our CPQ software uses master data from wherever it is available. This way the same data only has one “home” and doesn’t need to be maintained twice. Hive CPQ can easily be connected with any ERP, CRM, or other systems, using our well-documented API together with the HiveConnect integration platform. Let our team of specialists assist you where needed to build the most advanced and rock-solid integrations!

BENEFITS Application Structure

CPQ software requires little to no maintenance

CPQ’s are sold as a Software As A Service system (SaaS). This implies that any backups, updates, and maintenance are taken care of by Hive as CPQ vendor. Hive takes care of all maintenance for you, while you stay in charge using the admin application. This application has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, so that other departments can easily add product information to the platform without needing scripts or coding from IT.

In mean time, Hive will keep your data safe. We use the latest technologies and smart algorithms to support our platform and our CPQ solution is compliant to the ISO 27001 standards.

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Do you want to work with a clear application structure?